So so so so sorry for the long wait on the date we had to confirm everything with the city council and they only meet every couple months. So we had to wait to get approved in order to do the event. But it’s happening! By the pelt of Falcor! I know it’s a close one but it’s the ONLY day we could do besides a Sunday. I heard your calls for not doing it on a Sunday so WeDemand the diplomatic warriors they are fought for a Saturday and they got Oct. 4.

Bravo WeDemand!

 I hope this date works! If it doesn’t we can’t do anything about it since every date  in Sept. was booked and Oct. I sincerely hope you guys and make it out there for a Movie Night!! It would mean the world! :D

- Couple things! We HAVE to be out of the park by 10:00pm. No late night nerf gun fights kids! 

-Were going to to have free popcorn there and water. That’s what we were approved for and that’s how I normally roll at the movies. However you can Bring any snack you want to bring. Roll the way you roll! Just make sure to pick up after yourself! Please Please do this! We want to comeback to your city! :)

-As much as I would want to have it until everyone is met the meetup time can’t be stretch so at 6:00pm we have to start the movie not only because of time but because of daylight.

- We can’t sale shirts! Part of the deal with the city was not being able to sell anything. We can however give stuff away so were going to make print up some posters for all you guys.


Movie: Jurassic Park

Sugar House Park 

Facility: Pavilion, Parley’s Creek

Event Date: Saturday, October 04, 2014

Meetup Start Time: 12:00 PM

Meetup End Time: 6:00 PM

Movie Start Time: 7:00pm

Movie End Time: 9:00pm