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You guys are the freaking best!! Internet cake for all, everyone take a plate! TAKE A PLATE!!! (Hands cake plates to everyone)

I got off the phone with Corey Vidal a little while ago (Youtuber/ Forst Giant/ Creator of Buffer Festival or as many people think the “Butter Festival”) the call was to tell me about an email he sent to Lucas Films about me!  Super cool! Anyways he was calling to explain certain things in the such email and then I asked “how the tickets doing for the Star Wars showcase?” He replied with a undisclosed number and then proceeded to tell me that my showing was one of the highest to be purchased for. It’s not sold out but freaking WOW! I felt like a proud Papa at that moment. Papa Big O!

(Throws hands on waist dropping cake plate to Starscrream’s paws)

Now in terms of who is having actually showings at the Buffer Festival I’m actually not one of the bigger Youtubers. So double Wow! 

I just wanted to sincerely thank all of you who are taking time out to come to my screening and supporting me! And those of you there in spirit as well! I thank thee from the bottom of my life giving organ! 

This might not seem like much but to a guy who spent the first 3 years making films with his dad’s handy cam and coercing his sole audience of his big brother to watch them, it means so freaking much!

Such kindness is never overlooked! Thank You! 

Now finish your internet cake!

There are still tickets available:


Reasons I love Olan Rogers:

1.He’s real and his humor isn’t forced at all

2. He’s genuinely hilarious

3. He doesn’t pester people to like and subscribe all the time

Although I don’t really mind when other youtubers’ humor seems a little forced or asks everyone to like and subscribe, when…

4.) Has the most glorious calves (extends hand, microphone drops as the room gets dark and begins singing an internet ballad)

Seriously though Thank You for these kind words :)!